Skull Crusher Coffee is the strongest caffeine coffee available, so strong you might not go to sleep this week.

Our handcrafted blend of beans have been sourced ethically from fair-trade, Rainforest friendly farmers and through our unique roasting process, we’ve created a high-caffeine coffee that hits hard yet tastes smooth.



1When will you ship my coffee?
We ship within 24 hours of the order being placed.
2How much is UK postage?
UK postage is FREE!!!
3How much is USA postage?
USA postage is FREE!!!
4How much is Australia postage?
Australia postage is FREE!!!
5Do you ship to the EU?
Yes we do, EU shipping is £2.50 per box.
6How long will it take to get my order?
This depends on whether it is an *International or a Domestic order. All orders within the U.K. are considered domestic orders and they are shipped and delivered within 2-3 business days. Royal Mail will usually deliver within 3 working days, however they will only guarantee delivery within 28 days.. Overseas parcels will usually arrive within 9 working days to Europe and 12 days for rest of the world deliveries, again Royal Mail will only guarantee delivery within 28 days.
7What shipping carriers do you use?
We use Royal Mail and Hermes. To keep shipping rates down we compare costs between these carriers and ship the most efficient way.


1How do I join Skull Crusher?
Select the plan you'd like and add to cart. Once you fill in the billing information we ask for your shipping info and you’re good to go!
2When do I get charged?
We charge all customers on the day of your order and this will be recurring depending on your subscription plan (every month, 3 months, 6 months or year).
3How can I change my billing/shipping info?
You can do this by logging into your account and clicking settings. Please let us know if you are experiencing issues, and we‘ll do our best to help you!


1How do I cancel my subscription?
You can cancel your account at any time by logging into your account, clicking Membership settings, and choosing Cancel My Account. Please let us know if you are experiencing issues, and we‘ll do our best to help you!

About our Coffee

1Small batch roast
We small batch roast our beans to produce a high quality, high caffeinated smooth tasting coffee which is perfect for drip, French Press, espresso and cold brews