How our Coffee Liqueur is made
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How our Coffee Liqueur is made

Coffee liqueur is an essential component to making the perfect cocktail, whether it's an Espresso Martini or a twist on the classic Irish Coffee.

The attention to detail behind good distilling is not dissimilar to roasting good coffee: there are so many elements that can be tweaked to perfection in both.

Our award winning Coffee Liqueur is a little different to most, with its unique two-stage distilling process and slightly less sweet taste, not to mention the caffeine buzz from our high caffeine coffee beans. Each batch is produced in small batches to ensure maximum quality, expertly crafted by a master distiller who has over 30,000 hours of experience beneath his belt.

Our two-stage distilling process starts with adding our own base spirit, an ultra-premium sugar beet vodka made here in the UK from scratch, to custom made 200L copper pot stills with our dark roasted Skull Crusher coffee beans where it is distilled to produce a high proof vodka with a delicious coffee flavour.


We then in a secondary process, sous vide (slow cook) our whole coffee beans in this solution over serval hours to extract the dark colour and capture every last aromatic note. We then add just the right amount of sugar, creating a liqueur that has a rich and intense coffee flavour that is smooth and well-rounded.

This unique process grabs an enormous but precise array of coffee flavours, which ultimately means a greater load of rich but delicate coffee flavour notes.


Whether you're using it in cocktails or enjoying it neat with some ice cubes to experience the full depth of flavour, our Coffee Liqueur is sure to impress!