Why Does Coffee Make You Poop?
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Why Does Coffee Make You Poop?

We've all been there. You drink a cup of coffee in the morning, and within minutes, you're running to the bathroom. What gives? Why does coffee make you poop? Let's take a closer look at why coffee makes you poop.

Caffeine in coffee is a natural laxative

As any coffee lover knows, there is nothing quite like a cup of coffee to help wake you up in the morning. But did you know that caffeine can also serve as a natural laxative? That's right - coffee can help to keep you regular. This is why you'll often see people running to the bathroom after they've had a cup of coffee on an empty stomach. The coffee has nowhere to go but through! 

Coffee can stimulate hormones that produce stomach acid

When that coffee hits your stomach, the stomach lining triggers a hormonal response that causes release of hormones like gastrin, which produce stomach acid (gastric juice) that helps with food digestion and also promotes colonic activity. This may be one reason why coffee can have an effect similar to a laxative on some people; its chemical affects your large intestine just as it does after eating large amounts of food all at once!

Coffee can keep you regular

Caffeine also works by stimulating the muscles in the intestines, which helps to move stool through the digestive system. In addition, coffee helps to increase fluid intake, which keeps the colon hydrated and prevents constipation. So if you're looking to stay regular, it's best to moderate your coffee intake. Otherwise, you might end up spending more time in the bathroom than you ever intended.

So, if you’re feeling a little backed up and in need of some relief, coffee may be the answer. But proceed with caution – too much caffeine can have the opposite effect! If you find that drinking coffee before bed keeps you up at night, try adding milk or cream to your cup instead. This will help slow down the digestion process and minimize bathroom trips during the night. Do you drink coffee for its laxative effects?